Title Volume
A Dictionary of London 1
A New History of London Including Westminster and Southwark 1
A Survey of London. Reprinted From the Text of 1603 1
Additional Material For the History of the Grey Friars, London 1
Agas Map of London 1561 1
Analytical Index to the Series of Records Known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664 1
British Society of Franciscan Studies 1
Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls: 1298-1307 1
Camden Miscellany 1
Camden Record Society Old Series 4
Cardiff Records 5
Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London 1188-1274 1
City of London Tithe Assessments 1638-72 1
City of London War Loans 1642 1
City of York, Register of Freemen 2
Court of Husting, Wills 2
Early English Text Society 1
Environs of London 4
Feet of Fines, London and Middlesex 2
Four Shillings in the Pound Aid 1693/4: the City of London, the City of Westminster, Middlesex 1
Glasgow Charters 2
Historical Account of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Including the Borough of Gateshead 1
Historical Gazetteer of London Before the Great Fire Cheapside; Parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary Le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane 1
Historical Manuscripts Commission 3
Inquisitions Post Mortem 2
James De La Feuille's Map of London c. 1690 1
Leake's Survey of the City After the Great Fire of 1666 Engraved By W. Hollar, 1667 1
Livery Companies Commission, City of London 2
London Hearth Tax 3
London Marriage Duty Assessment 1695 1
London Record Society 36
London, Calendar of Letter-Books 11
London, Plea and Memoranda Rolls 3
Memorials of London and London Life in the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries 1
Memorials of the Guild of Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St. John the Baptist in the City of London 1
Middlesex County Records 5
Middlesex Sessions Records 4
Morgan's Map of the Whole of London in 1682 1
Ogilby and Morgan's Large Scale Map of the City As Rebuilt By 1676 1
Old and New London 6
Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640 Database 1
RCHME Inventory Volumes 41
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire 1
Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh 4
Records of the Burgh of Glasgow 3
Records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters Volume I: Apprentices' Entry Books 1654-1694 1
Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis 1
St Bartholomew's Priory, Smithfield, Records 2
St Mary Colechurch: Vestry Minutes 1613-72 1
Survey of London 43
The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912 1
The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640 1
The Cromwell Association Online Directory of Parliamentarian Army Officers 1
The Inhabitants of London in 1638 1
The Rulers of London 1660-1689 A Biographical Record of the Aldermen and Common Councilment of the City of London 1
Two Early London Subsidy Rolls 1
University of Manchester Historical Series 1
Victoria County History - Chester 1
Victoria County History - Essex 4
Victoria County History - Kent 1
Victoria County History - Lancaster 1
Victoria County History - London 1
Victoria County History - Middlesex 10
Victoria County History - Oxfordshire 1
Victoria County History - Surrey 3
Victoria County History - Warwickshire 3
Victoria County History - Worcestershire 1
Victoria County History - Yorkshire 1
Whitehall: Historical and Architectural Notes 1